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Marlow FM Interview – 10am Tuesday 23rd April

FM Interview.jpg

On the Well-Being show with Mid-Morning Matters, Tuesday 23rd April Emma-Jane Taylor will be chatting to Fergus Murison and Nick Harding, who are Director of Rowing and Head Girls Coach respectively at Great Marlow School Boat Club. They are talking about the school boat club and the important part it plays in the overall development and well-being of the students. Great Marlow School is one of the very few state schools with a rowing program in the country.

Emma-Jane will chatting to them about the following:

-How exercise benefits the mental and physical well-being of the students as well as boosting academic performance;

-How rowing develops positive attributes such as confidence, teamwork, discipline, perseverance, time management;

- Fundraising. Rowing is an expensive sport to run, and as a state funded program we need as much financial support as we can get!

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